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    We create amazing apps, build dynamic and rock solid worldlcass applications for the web.

  • The core for building successful apps

    Contributions from 3000 developers over 10 years that back thousands of awesome apps. In use by companies like Yellowpages, Basecamp, Twitter, GitHub, and Shopify.

  • The tool of choice for Startups

    Ideal for rapid prototyping and short iteration cycles. The choice for startups that want to focus on growth.

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    We have been developing Rails since version 1 and would love to convert your idea to amazing and beautiful code.

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Secure and Robust

Created in 2004 by David Heinemeier Hansson. Rails has since been extended by the Rails core team and more than 3,400 contributors.

It employs best security practices such as Input Sanitization, Security Tokens against CSRF, Cookie and Session Data encryptionn

It is build on the pricinple of testing. Automated tests help to verify that your application works as expected. This improves user experience and makes your customers happier.


With Rails a small team can get a minimum viable product into beta very quickly

Ideal for Rapid Development and Prototyping, is the chosen tool for the startups valuing the following features

  • Cost Efficiency

    develop in shorter times applications that will last and evolve smoothly for years

  • Rich Ecosystem

    Take advantage of amazing open source plugins developped by a powerful community

  • Scalability

    Put to the test by high demanding sites like Twitter, Yellowpages, Basecamp, GitHub, Shopify.

  • Very simple to modify and extend

    code separation, reusability, and best testing practices allows to introduces fast changes with confidence

  • Security

    Benefit from best industry practices and constant security updates

  • Readable Compact Code

    That makes it a lot easier to introduce new features. Less coding means fewer bugs and better understanding

  • Tim O’Reilly Founder of O’Reilly Media

    « Thanks to Ruby on Rails powerful web applications that formerly might have taken weeks or months to develop can be produced in a matter of days. »

  • Bruce Perens Open Source Luminary

    « Thanks to Ruby on Rails web designers and software engineers can develop a website much faster and more simply, enabling them to be more productive and effective in their work. »

  • Evan Williams Founder of Twitter and creator of Blogger

    « After researching the market, Ruby on Rails stood out as the best choice. We have been very happy with that decision. We will continue building on Rails and consider it a key business advantage. »

  • James Duncan Davidson Creator of Tomcat and Ant

    « Rails is the most well thought-out web development framework I’ve ever used. And that’s in a decade of doing web applications for a living. »

Rails and us

We are a team of professionals with a passion for software development. We love using the most advanced technology and methods to power flexible and scalable software.

Ruby on Rails has been our software of choice for powering our own startups as well as projects for clients. We have been building Ruby on Rails apps since the release of Rails v1 which has been around 8 years ago. Thus we know Rails from the ground up.

Our team takes pride on what we do. Our 100% focus on code perfection allows us allows us to build awesome products. We care about your final product by integrating top notch devleopment practices and ensuring highest code quality possible. We think out of the box, finding solutions to problems you would eventually not even think of. We are always eager to learn more, thrive to build even more exiciting apps, focus on evolving and lastly believe in continous self improvement. The satisfaction of bringing an idea to reality, offering customer joy, building a great experience, allowing you to be successful and outperforming other software solutions motivates us every day.

This is what we do with Rails

  • Ruby on Rails development
  • Consulting to ensure best practices
  • Help with scaling Rails applications
  • Port old software to Ruby on Rails
  • Build Rails apps from scratch
  • Take care of building the Rails backend for your apps
  • Integrate in your team, locally and remote
  • Spreecommerce applications

Hendrik Kleinwaechter
Founder + Developer

Elias Saalmann

Christian Semmler

Sarah Pais
Developer + Marketing

Fernando Sainz

Alejandro Riera

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Zeit.io GmbH

Weender Landstraße 3-7
37073, Göttingen
Tel: +49 551 2000 9990

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